Velocity Semiconductor Introduces Family of Computing Core Modules Supporting Ethernet, USB and WLAN Interfaces

Compact modules enable rapid development of network-enabled connectivity products

PLEASANTON, CA – October 6, 2003 - Velocity Semiconductor™ today announced the availability of the first members of its VS2000 Typhoon™ Core Module (TCM) family. Supporting a variety of network interfaces, these 32-bit, high-performance computing modules enable the rapid development and deployment of systems requiring control and Ethernet connectivity. The low-cost, credit card-sized modules mount directly to customer-designed motherboards and when combined with Velocity's software development kit (SDK) reduce time-to-market and provide low-recurring cost.

The TCM family is powered by Velocity's VS2000 RISC microcontroller, which offers the convenience and performance of 32-bit computing at a price traditionally associated with 8/16-bit devices. The modules' VS2000 operates at 44 MHz and includes a 10/100 integrated Ethernet MAC with DMA controller and a rich set of on-chip peripherals.

The code-efficient VS2000 architecture and development tools enable designers to write portable and maintainable 32-bit applications that typically consume less than half the memory of competing 8-bit devices such as the Rabbit 3000®, AVR® and eZ80®. The VS2000 is the first 32-bit CPU designed to run real-time applications using a mixture of C and Java languages.

All modules provide 52 digital IOs, 512K x 8 Flash memory (90 ns), 512K x 8 high-speed SRAM (15 ns), two RS-232 ports, two SPI ports, four timers/counters, and status and link status LEDs. The VS2000TCM?ETH1 is equipped with a single RJ45 connector, which is ideal for networking applications such as industrial control, communication, security, and automation applications. The VS2000TCM-ETH2 provides dual RJ45 connectors and is aimed at applications that require multi-network access or inter-network routing such as facsimile or printer terminals. The VS2000TCM-USB includes one RJ45 connector and one USB 1.1 host or slave port and can be used to extend the range of USB slave devices over a corporate network or the Internet. The VS2000TCM-WLAN provides a standard CompactFlash interface that enables the development of products which provide wireless network-connectivity for remote applications not serviced by wired Ethernet connections. The VS2000TCM-ETH1 and ETH2 can be used as drop-in replacements for other competitive offerings in the market.

"The introduction of Velocity's TCM family gives designers the ability to quickly and efficiently design, implement, and manufacture networked products that require communication and control via a variety of wired and wireless interfaces," stated Scott A. Avery, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Velocity. "These modules essentially make TCP/IP an off-the-shelf product which will substantially reduce design cycles and cost. Velocity has now introduced one of the most complete module product offerings in the industry."

Pricing and Availability

The VS2000TCM-ETH1 ($69.00/100 units), VS2000TCM-ETH2 ($89.00/100 units) and VS2000TCM?USB ($89.00/100 units) modules are now available and are in volume production. The VS2000TCM?WLAN will be available in November 2003.

The VS2000 Evaluation Kit (VS2000EVB) is also available and is priced at $399.00. The evaluation kit contains an evaluation board, software development kit (SDK) including RTOS, ANSI C, TCP/IP stack and Java-compatible libraries, quick start guide, comprehensive documentation, serial cables, and worldwide-compatible power supply.

Complete documentation and product photos are is available at

About Velocity

Founded in 2002, Velocity Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company that develops and markets specialized microcontroller and development tools. Velocity is the industry's premiere supplier of 32-bit microcontrollers supporting mixed-language development utilizing industry-standard legacy C code and Java. Offering unequalled performance and code density, Velocity's microcontrollers deliver exceptional 32-bit performance at 8-bit systems cost. The company is a privately-held corporation with offices in Pleasanton, California and London, England.

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