VS2000 Typhoon Family Microcontroller

The VS2000 is a highly-integrated, optimized, single-chip networked-enabled microcontroller solution. The VS2000 incorporates the Lightfoot™ core, a low-complexity, high-performance 32-bit stack RISC CPU. The unparalled code density offered by the Lightfoot architecture and instruction set offers a dramatic reduction in system memory cost, delivering 32-bit computing at a cost normally associated with 8-bit solutions.

The VS2000 incorporates a wide range of on-chip peripherals including a 10/100 Ethernet MAC. Supporting C and Java development environments, the VS2000 is the ideal solution for many embedded, networked-control applications and is targeted at a wide range of industrial, consumer, defense, security, and medical networking products.

VS2000 Features:

  • 60 MHz, 32-bit Lightfoot RISC CPU core
  • 10/100 Ethernet MAC with a 4KB frame buffer SRAM
  • External memory controller with 32MB addressing range
  • Configurable 8- or 32-bit external memory bus
  • Glueless interface including four individually programmed chip selects
  • Two cache controllers (program and data memory) and 2 x 4KB on-chip cache Memories that can be configured to operate as internal SRAM
  • Two UARTS
  • Three SPI ports
  • Watchdog timer
  • Real-time clock
  • Interrupt controller


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